Break your habits!
Create your own
"image-based" shopping list with Schop!
Thanks to Schop, you can now add any item in the world and create your own shopping list with images by writing the name of an item, scanning its barcode or via voice command. You can even share your list with your family and friends. This way, no one will be confused about what you want and your shopping experience will be more enjoyable.
Available on the
 App Store
Add items to your list
It's much easier to add items to your list with Schop if you already know what to add.
Schop allows you to add items easily to your shopping list via various ways.
In addition to grocery shopping,
you can use Schop app for other shopping purposes
Cosmetics, electronics, party, picnic, new born, office,
playstation games, your wish list etc.
You'll have a shopping history!
When was the last time you went to the grocery store? What did you purchase? All these info is available on Schop app. You may even add an item from your shopping history to your current list with only a single tap.